10 Things to do during the Rona

I have been following the CONVID-19 for a few months and I have noticed a few things online. The media along with social media is making things worse than what they are. Yes this is serious and can harm you but being cautious and building your immune system naturally can really help. Take care of yourself and please check in on your elders.

During these trying times there are few things to keep in mind:

  1. Do not flush Clorox, Lysol or any disinfecting wipes down the drain. Just put them in the trash. This can wreck serious damage on our sewer systems which we do not need at the moment or any future moment. With a lot of cities shutting down there will be no one to fix the major issues until after this is over. However this can and will keep your local plumbing contractor in business if they are able to obtain the proper supplies.
  2. I also would not recommend flushing any flushable baby wipes either. Hell don’t flush anything that isn’t toilet paper including paper towels.
  3. Try not to over power your electrical panel. With everyone being at home right now the electrical grid can overload. Do not have a lot of things plugged up at the same time in one outlet.  Have portable chargers available and make sure you charge them.
  4. WiFi signals can run slower with everyone being at home. If you can try being on the internet early in the morning or after business hours.
  5. Keep your sanity and your mental health in order. It’s a lot of misinformation floating around so always do your research.
  6. This is the time to really examine your budgets, diet, business plans, etc. Education is key in getting through these times. Ask yourself if your job never opens back up how will you make it? Really take the time to come up with a plan and then execute.
  7. Do call all of your credit card companies and ask for an increase for your personal and business cards. I have asked for 50% – 100%  increases on all of my business cards and I got them. On my personal cards I received increases, 0% interest for 6 – 12 months, and extra sky-miles. Yes you may receive a soft pull on your credit but this is the time to ask for extra money because it may not be available in the future as it wasn’t during the 2008 crash.
  8. Check out You Tube University and learn how to do basic things that we learned as kids during girl/boy scouts. Some of these things include how to start a fire, how to grow food, or even how to board up a house.
  9. Learn how to invest during these times. The crazy thing is that people are still making money daily unfortunately off of this crisis via real estate, stocks, and selling online courses or ebooks.
  10. Use this time wisely. Read books, learn a new skill, take care of our elders and do not panic. Stay safe and wash your hands!

In the meantime check out this article about how cleaning wipes are clogging the sewer lines:




  1. Great blog post, Asia. I’ve been learning more ways to make income during this time with tax lien/tax deed investing and growing my digital marketing business. I hope everyone is staying safe. Either you adapt or get left behind!