The Only Pockets We Acknowledge…

Many of you may not be familiar with BlackerPockets, but we’ve been around for about a year now. The platform started out as just an Instagram page where we highlighted the success and lessons of black real estate investors across the country. The page started to grow quickly, and we realized how significant this was to the community. A space where black Real estate professionals can network, share information, and connect worldwide! There has never been an online platform specifically for US to share our experiences and knowledge with each other. Historically, as a people we have not done well with passing on information and resources across generations, and it’s set us back as a people. BlackerPockets will be a catalyst to end that trend and encourage a shift in US where we make knowledge transfer a priority in our community. 

Rather you are a newbie or a seasoned investor, the Blacker Community has something for investors at every level. From forums, blogs, resources, education, live events, and more, Blackerpockets is now OUR source for all things urban real estate investing!


  1. This is great! I’m a new real estate investor. I wanted to create a list of resources for my investment partners and someone mentioned BiggerPockets on Instagram and then I saw BlackerPockets. I’m registered and have an account now. This is good!